Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Melbourne - The limited edition art print

After the success of the sell-out New York print earlier this year, Printspace™ wanted to produce something that either challenged it or was better.

Creating a print worthy of our own home town ended up being a challenging task mainly because of the self imposed pressure to get it looking the way I wanted. Using the theme of buildings I looked at some iconic places in Melbourne - I wanted to present them in a way that really feels like Melbourne but without being overly sentimental or obvious. Using the dark blue as a backdrop meant that the design could feel like night time and also day time. I liked the idea of using the tram electrical wires as a way of dividing up the page because they are such a big part of the city. I wanted to look at the city as if I were seeing it for the first time. I saw a city with a contrast of classical architecture and modern building design. A city with colour and style. Perhaps i'm bias.
To me, the bridges over the Yarra River with their long round underpasses and arches. And the diagonals in architecture from Federation Square to the Arts Centre spire, and the tram wires slicing up the city made for a very graphic and colourful design. Blue seemed to be a fitting colour for Melbourne with a prism of other vibrant colours to show diversity and contrast. Anyone who lives in Melbourne would recognise the balloons as a common sight floating overhead.
This Melbourne Limited Edition Giclee art print is available only in 2 massive sizes and is available now form the Printspace™ online shop.
Art by Nicholas Girling

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