Monday, March 25, 2013

Sneaky Peak : New Paintings

Nick has been working away on some new paintings for an upcoming exhibition at APTE cafe in Alphington. It is something he has been wanting to do for a very long time, so it has been super exciting to watch it happen. Here is a sneaky peak at some of them. For more info visit here.

It's been great having the studio at home converted into a painting room..... there are canvases and boards all over the house. as well as drips of colour on the floorboards. And it has inspired our littlest to do some painting too - his paintings seem to take a lot less time however!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Special Offer, Limited Edition : New Size Art Prints

Framed in the Ikea Ribba frame, 40x 50cm

Framed in the Ikea Ribba frame, 50x 70cm

Framed in the Ikea Ribba frame, 50x 70cm

Framed in the Ikea Ribba frame, 40x 50cm

Two of our favourite prints made it into Marie Claire magazine this month, and we thought it would be great to offer a special edition size of the two featured prints. So we have released both Little One's Umbrella and Lovely Day in a 40x50cm size, these prints are printed on a stunning 300gsm archival quality fine art paper.

And to make it even extra special, there are only 10 available in each size.

We have used the Ikea Ribba frames here to show you how they look framed. We love the natural oak stained look, but the frames also come in white and black. The other good thing is that depending on your style and space, the prints can fit into 2 different sized frames. One has a mount card and one doesn't. Lovely.

(oh, and they do still come in all the other sizes too.) xx