Friday, April 25, 2014

Sculpture Park

This piece by Mara Girling is called 'Sculpture Park' While it is an abstract art print, the name provides the context. Our youngest son says "It looks like a big jumble of shapes. It is very, very colourful". And you know what  - that's accurate enough. This big jumble does suggest a scale. To some, that scale might be big and to others small or even microscopic. While we are always inspired by Mid 20th Century art and design for it's modern influences, the primary inspiration was simple organic sculptures. We hope you like it. I think the natural progression from this print is a piece which will have a sense of imbalance - a dynamic looking piece to compliment this art. But as a stand-alone piece, this will work well in a modern space or a space you want to look contemporary. Bigger is better when it comes to simple shapes and textures. This is why this is offered in 2 sizes.
Available in our Printspace™web shop 'Sculpture Park'. 70 x 70cm and 120cm x 120cm.

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