Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's so great when others like what you do. And even more wonderful when they are inspired to include you on their blog... Check out Three Buttons blog, full of gorgeous finds, where we got a lovely little write up. Great place to find out about interesting arty, crafty designy bits. I am thrilled... my bank account not so much.

Angela, the owner of Three Buttons, also has another blog which I will now be addicted to, called OPEN. It features independent stores and cafes in Melbourne. Now to find the time to visit them....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

one more thing...

.... Nick and I have been busy making up badges for our 2 markets this week / weekend. Photo is not the best, I just took in on my phone in not the best light, but I wanted to quickly get something happening. These are done, which is great. Tick. Always helps when you hire the equipment and it HAS to be back by 9.30am. So we were up until the wee hours making these little darlings. Now really back to printing and packing.... Magnolia Square starts tomorrow!!!! Hope to see you there. xx

cute hat

So we were at the beach for Mothers Day weekend, yes I know, it was weeeeks ago now. :)
But thought I would pop this photo up. My little guy had such a fun time in the sand. And he looked so sweet in this cute Country Road hat. The mix of colours are just my cup of tea. I am happy he actually managed to keep it on for monger than 2 seconds!!

Now must stop procrastinating and get back to market preparations!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

roaring birthday card

I am designing a set of birthday cards for the markets next week to see how they go. I have always wanted to do some, (other than the printable pdf ones, not that there are many of those for sale yet!) but the time has never been right. Now I feel like I have something going on that I like. Hopefully others will like them too. It's funny I have been doing my own cards for friends and family for ages.....
Now I am just filling in time while the dinner cooks, and my better half of putting the 2nd boy to bed. Nice.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

let's get busy!

After many days of non blogging, non tweeting, non facebook etc, I am finally back. Where was I? I was out. Well that's not entirely true, I have been online, uploading work and doing bits and bobs but not in the same manic frenzy that I am usually in. Which was some what of a relief. And we even went away for Mothers Day weekend, and spent a lovely time with some precious friends, celebrating their son's 3rd birthday and also being a mum. (love my two boys, they are so funny and so sweet.) No internet, no computer, no work, just for 2 days. Nice. Refreshing. Now I am back. And I am happy to be back, ready to sink my teeth into the next big thing.....
Next week, 2 events,
1. Our first time with a stall at Magnolia Square's Tiny and Small. For those one you who don't live in Melbourne and don't have kids, it's a gorgeous event in which you can find some unique and beautiful products.
2. Second is Sonny and Coco market, also in Melbourne, and will be full for wonderful handmade goodies.

So for the next week, I shall be making, cutting, sticking, packing and creating my little heart out.

Wish us luck. xx
ps. photo shows work by Nick and me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

my little guys

Playing around with colour, there's something nostalgic about these.
I can't believe my little one is 3. (and 1 month). Its been three years since I left paid full time work. (yay) three years that this little treasure has been in my life. now he's a big grown up boy. That's ok, cos I've got a little one again, although not that little. But lovely, they are. So lucky xx