Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watercolour Series 1

Peaches Water Colour by Mara Girling

Grey Yellow Water Colour by Mara Girling

Pinwheel Water Colour by Mara Girling

First Flight Water Colour by Nicholas Girling

Fruity Water Colour by Mara Girling

Splice Water Colour by Mara Girling

Nicholas and I have been working away with the water colours. They are less figurative than many of our art prints. And the focus is art for adults. Most of the water colours are with a greeting card. We have framed some greeting cards for the photography also using an IKEA frame to support the paintings.

Our new water colours are ready and in the shop. Yay.
It has been an interesting project, often rather challenging, and also a bit rewarding when you finally finish one. Water colour can be a tricky medium, and one that is often unforgiving when you try to force the medium. But so much easier when you go with the flow. I am used to working with pencil and ink and ultimately the computer, where decisions can be improved with time. But the water colour is totally in the moment. I guess that's what makes it so amazing and so challenging at the same time!
If you like what you see, please do tell somebody about them. You can do this on facebook or twitter or simply by telling a friend. We hope you enjoy the colour and we look forward to creating more.
I guess in a way, these are rare in that they are the first water colours Printspace has produced and we have so many more to create.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Printspace Art Prints studio on youtube

Nicholas put this together this evening to show our new studio space off and to invite our readers to see for yourselves. And for those peoples interstate or overseas, this is a quick peek into the studio. Hope you like. Things are changing all the time and this is a snapshot in time. May 16 2012.

Printspace Art Prints are in Melbourne Australia. Should you be interested in coming in, please make an appointment by sending a quick email to or call 03 9008 4458 and come in to say G'day. Enough talk from me, have a listen to my matey Nicholas and his dulcet tones.
Please visit our website for further details

More new artwork

And more watercolours are filling our home.......

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new piece of art!

It has begun, our little adventure into original art work. My medium of choice is watercolour. This is something I have used a little here and there, and more recently as part of our Art Prints. So the next step, grown up original artwork using my most loved colours and shapes. I naturally work at a more intimate scale, and this little piece is on an A4 piece of stunning 310gsm watercolour paper.

So now Nick and I are on a journey of creating new work, full of colour and texture. We will be uploading new stuff every day or so. Pop back and have a sticky peak. xxx

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mark Rothko - red, yellow & pink

Inspired by the art of Marko Rothko, the master of colour. Who else would I look at when researching colour combinations? Look at these beautiful pieces using yellow, red & pink. Such emotive colours for me!
Find out more about Mark Rothko here.