Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Mother's Day



It's almost Mother's Day......

Here's a little print to celebrate being a Mum. I think this message is something the Mum's with grown up kids have lived through, and Mum's like me with little ones think they will hold their kids hands forever..... Time flies kids..... we all know it. Every Mother's day I look at my boys and think, wow, how big you are, where have these last 8 years gone??

I love holding my little boys hands. The littlest one will let me hold his hand for quite a while, especially as we walk along. The older one is a bit more selective, but I sneak them when he's not paying attention.

The art print is in the shop now, and we are giving every customer who purchases one a free sheet of 'Textures' wrapping paper and a 'Wishes' gift tag.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day everyone xxx

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