Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Mother's Day



It's almost Mother's Day......

Here's a little print to celebrate being a Mum. I think this message is something the Mum's with grown up kids have lived through, and Mum's like me with little ones think they will hold their kids hands forever..... Time flies kids..... we all know it. Every Mother's day I look at my boys and think, wow, how big you are, where have these last 8 years gone??

I love holding my little boys hands. The littlest one will let me hold his hand for quite a while, especially as we walk along. The older one is a bit more selective, but I sneak them when he's not paying attention.

The art print is in the shop now, and we are giving every customer who purchases one a free sheet of 'Textures' wrapping paper and a 'Wishes' gift tag.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day everyone xxx

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why you can and should have Sorbet every day

There are some great textures and shots of reds in this wall art. I like how the yellow changes from a crisp and sharp colour into a more mustard colour at the bottom of the painting. This print is quite calming and easy to look at. It is not overly precious and has a rawness about it which is timeless. Each of the three Sorbet art prints are limited to 100 units and are signed and numbered by the artist.  We hope you like Sorbet #3. Available now as unframed from Printspace™ in 50cm x 50cm (IKEA frame suggested) online shop. Order this wall art print. Art by Mara Girling.

How do you get a softer texture sorbet

Adding alcohol apparently lowers the freezing temperature of Sorbet (the frozen kind that you eat) providing a nice smooth texture. Don't ask how much alcohol. We always recommend responsible drinking when consuming desserts. I always have to look up dessert to make sure I'm not advising adding alcohol to the Australian outback. It's been done before. But I digress.

Sorbet #2 is part of a series of three fine art prints. The original paintings were created with acrylic onto canvas. These prints are vibrant, textured and highly detailed. The paper is a thick cotton-rag stock.
No alcohol was consumed during the creation of this piece. This Sorbet 2 [wall art] was created for the Printspace™ range by Mara Girling at 50cm x 50cm and is available now via the online shop - signed and numbered.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Coral Sea Art Print

'Coral Sea' limited edition art print is a cheery print. The sun shines through the water. While the shapes are juxtaposed, the colours are very balanced. The hot pink colour on the bottom right together with the organic shape above it are an equal match to the weight of the sun shape on the left. While the aim here is to obtain a balance in colour and form, the goal is to show complexity and overlapping forms but also a calmness through colour and flowing lines. Our 8 year old says, 'it's cool'. He sees a King, stars and a face. He likes it. This fine art print like all of our prints is sold as unframed. This comes in 2 large sizes to brighten up any living environment or to compliment any space for home or office. Both 70cm x 70cm and 120cm x 120cm. 'Coral Sea' can be purchased from our Printspace™ web shop.

Sculpture Park

This piece by Mara Girling is called 'Sculpture Park' While it is an abstract art print, the name provides the context. Our youngest son says "It looks like a big jumble of shapes. It is very, very colourful". And you know what  - that's accurate enough. This big jumble does suggest a scale. To some, that scale might be big and to others small or even microscopic. While we are always inspired by Mid 20th Century art and design for it's modern influences, the primary inspiration was simple organic sculptures. We hope you like it. I think the natural progression from this print is a piece which will have a sense of imbalance - a dynamic looking piece to compliment this art. But as a stand-alone piece, this will work well in a modern space or a space you want to look contemporary. Bigger is better when it comes to simple shapes and textures. This is why this is offered in 2 sizes.
Available in our Printspace™web shop 'Sculpture Park'. 70 x 70cm and 120cm x 120cm.

Swept Away art print by Mara Girling

We battled over this art print - I'm glad we did. Nick thought that it really stood out amongst the recent paintings and ideas. Initially, the arc shapes in the foreground were differently presented and the colours were less balanced than they are now. I like that we get passionate about the art to keep in the range.  After some discussion and adjustments, 'Swept Away' by Mara Girling was the result. The elements which make it work are the combination of the pinks and the watermelon red. It's a challenging colour to mix and it's hue has to be just right to get the balance right for the artwork. Too much pink and you have essentially a pink painting. But that's not the goal here. (continued below..)

We were originally a little unsure if the solid shapes would work with the painterly background but with this experimentation I was pleasantly surprised. If you are looking for a piece of art to always grow on you, this is it. The result is great. This is our goal for a piece of art to in some way challenge us in terms of colour, shape, texture, pattern, form or context. or in any particular order. Available in 70x70cm or 120 x 120cm, This fine art print onto thick white cotton rag paper is available in our Printspace™ online shop. If you would like this art print, please order online and then we can suggest a framer to you as an option.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mountains Limited Edition Art Prints

Our art this year has seen both Nick and I look at travel and interesting places as a source of inspiration. Both near to home or on the other side of the world.
Here you will see my first new limited edition Art Prints for the 2014. My look at travel is a little more abstract, and looking at the greater world, not in detail, but in a feeling or mood it may create. A little bit dreamy.

They are available in super large sizes of 70x70cm and 120x120cm. Sit one over a sideboard, in your living space or bedroom. Happy dreaming for far away places you could go. xx

Melbourne - The limited edition art print

After the success of the sell-out New York print earlier this year, Printspace™ wanted to produce something that either challenged it or was better.

Creating a print worthy of our own home town ended up being a challenging task mainly because of the self imposed pressure to get it looking the way I wanted. Using the theme of buildings I looked at some iconic places in Melbourne - I wanted to present them in a way that really feels like Melbourne but without being overly sentimental or obvious. Using the dark blue as a backdrop meant that the design could feel like night time and also day time. I liked the idea of using the tram electrical wires as a way of dividing up the page because they are such a big part of the city. I wanted to look at the city as if I were seeing it for the first time. I saw a city with a contrast of classical architecture and modern building design. A city with colour and style. Perhaps i'm bias.
To me, the bridges over the Yarra River with their long round underpasses and arches. And the diagonals in architecture from Federation Square to the Arts Centre spire, and the tram wires slicing up the city made for a very graphic and colourful design. Blue seemed to be a fitting colour for Melbourne with a prism of other vibrant colours to show diversity and contrast. Anyone who lives in Melbourne would recognise the balloons as a common sight floating overhead.
This Melbourne Limited Edition Giclee art print is available only in 2 massive sizes and is available now form the Printspace™ online shop.
Art by Nicholas Girling