Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alvin Lustig... born modern

Some book jacket designs here. Great colour and use of simple shapes.
Wish list: Born Modern. The Life and Design if Alvin Lustig. A book by Steven Heller and Elaine Lustig Cohen. Find out more about this amazing designer here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stockist Spotlight: Quirky Kids

How would you describe your product range?
Quirky Kids Online source innovative treasures from around the globe that make children’s learning, life and laughter a little bit quirky. We understand that everyone is different, so our aim is to offer products that let you and your children express your individual styles and personalities. Our product range covers many different categories from ROOM THINGS and THE GREAT OUTDOORS through to LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT, ARTS AND CRAFTS plus the all important... PLAYTHINGS. In a nut shell we are trying to find things that are a bit different because from our experience with 5 children between the two of us (my business partner and I) it is always the quirky stuff that is most played with, most admired by little friends and most asked about by envious mums and dads.
What do you look for when choosing products for your stores?
Like a lot of people we like to be the first to find something new so we jump on trade fairs and review blogs to find those products that we feel make the perfect fit with our brand. But something new still needs to be functional, cost effective, high quality and quirky at the same time. There is no point making an individual statement with a groovy back pack that doesn't have room for all the essentials. We have some items in our store that are simply must haves, that are essential to compliment the whole product mix. Then we have other quirky products that are offered exclusively through a minimum amount of retailers and these are the ones that customers keep coming back for again and again. Offering these quirky products is what we want to be known for.

Why do you think Printspace products appeal to your clients?
Printspace Birth Prints appeal to our clients. In a cost effective and quirky way, customers can create an exclusive art piece with a new borns individual details to spoil themselves or a friend.  For a lot of our customers it is all about being different and giving someone a gift or buying something to spoil yourself that is unique and special. Myself as a gift giver like to find things that are not available everywhere and you're not going to walk into your friends house and find exactly the same thing up on the wall. I think our clients are similar, looking for something different and personal and Printspace birth prints are exactly that, unique and individual.
Phone: 0429 901 196 (Hayley - Marketing and Accounts)
0429 902 517 (Beena - Dispatch and Product Enquiry)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sneak Peek... a new bird

It's always tricky to come up with new work, when there's no deadline in sight.... Feb 2011 sounds so far away.... so Nick and I imposed our own and whola! A new bird. He or she is currently nameless.  But that's ok, the name will come. I hope. While I madly pack for Bowerbird Bazaar this Friday in Adelaide, this little treasure's name will spring into my mind. Fingers crossed! xx