Friday, March 28, 2014

Barcelona Spain - patterns and colour

When you look down over the city of Barcelona, you see a pattern of square multi story appartments. It's like looking at fabric up close. But when you move in to the landscape and architecture by the 'Oh so famous one' that I wont even mention his name. You then see joyous colour and flowing organic shapes which puts a challenge to the thought that anyone actually needs a set-square at all. The pottery fractured and organised into the walls is such an iconic look that it inspires Nicholas from Printspace™ in this city poster of Barcelona.

"After studying the architecture, beautiful juxtaposed shapes and patterns within this vibrant city, I felt quite joyous and inspired. I wanted to show something that made me think of the repurposed fractured pottery, patterns and cathedral. The purpose was to create something iconic and fun to brighten up even the saddest of rooms. Simply to show the cathedral in a detailed illustration would do an injustice to the actual cathedral which needs to be seen to be believed. This is available in large and massive sizes."

These limited edition Giclee art prints are available in both Barcelona 70 x 100cm and Barcelona 100 x 120

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