Thursday, July 31, 2008

a little bit of art

I have taken some photos of my artwork, to see how it would look, different angles, new camera lens. Adds a bit of depth which is good. See artwork on etsy.

ten sticky fingers

Hi there
Just wanted to say how excited I am to have my prints for sale on a gorgeous web site called Ten Sticky Fingers.
Lots of affordable yet beautifully designed bits for kids.

Check out my prints - all framed up in a nice little set of three!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's always lovely when people respond to your work! A big thanks to Fern Treacy
from craftblog for the kind words. Check it out for all that is happening in the crafting world!

our new baby

its been while since my last post. I didn't realised how long until I logged in today!

Been a bit preoccupied lately, as we just had our second little boy on the 4th July. And he is just beautiful. It's been quite a challenge managing a 2 year old, a newborn, a household and husband and my etsy shop, which is steadily growing in exposure and sales. It's all happening at once which is great but sometimes I feel like I am dividing myself up into too many bite sized pieces.....

But I just need to look at my beautiful new family to know all is good in my world . xoxox