Monday, August 30, 2010

More Danish loveliness.... Anne Black

As you may have worked out by know, I kinda like typography, and I sort of have a thing for Danish design. So when you combine them, you get beautiful pieces like these love rings by Anne Black. I like the flower rings on the right here too. Delicate, simple and on my list! xx

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Life of Takashi Furuya

Anyone speak japanese...? I would love to read more about this fabulous artist! For more about the work of Takashi Furuya, visit his site. If you can't read it, like me, you can see his gallery of work here.
Or even better, some of these are available at that lovely online store Illustrated Living.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

oh ah more loveliness... Helbak Scherning

Two very talented women from Denmark make up this gorgeous shop which I would love to visit.
One does ceramics (Helbak), the other jewelry (Scherning), Simple shapes, delicious colours. You can't look at this stuff and not feel good.

A customer of ours commented on one of the Helbak pieces we have in our products shots, and how she has just come back from a trip in Europe which included visiting this shop.... (oh, I am very jealous!!). I promptly hopped online to find out more about this little piece of ceramic heaven (of which I knew nothing about, shame on me) and you can too, have a look see here, it's lovely.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stockist Spotlight... Stork's Corner

How would you describe your product range?
Stylish but not designer, inspiring, unique and fun! We cater for both contemporary and classic preferences. This therefore covers off both younger generations of parents and older generations of grandparents! Our product assortment covers a broad range of categories, including Clothing, Shoes, Bed Linen, Room Decor, Toys, Gifts and Stationery. We love providing our customers with such a wide choice. Whether they are coming in for a gift, a school drink bottle, a new pair of shoes, or to completely decorate an entire room, we can help them - joy!

What do you look for when choosing products for your stores?
Quality, aesthetic appeal and price. And yes, we do try and source different and unique labels that are not found in the mainstream arena. Our customers really appreciate coming into our store and finding something different. Examples of this would be Printspace artwork, Patersonrose linen and Petit Cupcake dresses.

Having said that, we do of course stock some more well know labels, such as Oobi and Penny Scallan. These labels represent iconic Australian brands that are well known and well loved by a broader customer base. They help attract customers into our store, where they then find the 'hidden treasures' of lesser known brands! And are joyous with their discovery!

Why do you think Printspace products appeal to your clients ?
The designs are eye catching and appealing. They work well with both nursery decor and rooms for older children. Customers like being able to build their own art series and have that personal touch. The designs are classic yet on trend - birds, owls - we can't get enough of them at the moment! And the fact that it is an Australian design company is always well received.

Stork's Corner
Shop 11, 47 McCoy St Myaree WA 6154
Telephone (08) 6161 9123

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

prints for the boys...

As mentioned in a previous post, we recently finished some new art prints. Here are a few more....
Coming to our shop soon, I promise. xx

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stockist Spotlight... Cot Couture

How would you describe your product range?
Cot Couture is a eclectic mix of modern, classic and retro style children's bedding. We custom make all of our comforters, cushions and quilt covers and we love helping customers create their own unique space for their children's room. We like being that little bit different, and take pride in the fact that everything is handmade in Adelaide by local people.

What do you look for when choosing products for your stores?

I look for inspired pieces, and I love having original, hand made products that you can't find everywhere. I specifically look for products that are made in Australia too.

Why do you think Printspace products appeal to your clients?
My clients love having art that ties in with the bedding that they have purchased. It is always modern, original and I believe the illustrations have an underlying theme of love in every piece. In a baby's nursery there is no better place to have Printspace's artwork.
I am also a regular customer and I use Printspace artwork in all of my photshoots and nursery displays and there is always an artpiece that co-ordinates with every fabric. Mara is also a wonderful lady and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her :) [Thanks Jess, we love your shop!]

interview with Jessica Blown, owner
Cot Couture

Sneak Peek at our new range...

Nick and I have been busy little bees creating our new range, and here is a little peek at some of the new prints. You may have seen the middle one before, as "You What' has popped up on the blog before.... but Nick's "Birdman" is brand spanking, and rather nice. The top one is one of mine, and a little play with my fav quote about living the life.  We will be launching the full new range at Life Instyle Trade Show (along with some trusty oldies) but if you pop into Magnolia Square this week they will be there too. xx