Friday, April 25, 2014

Coral Sea Art Print

'Coral Sea' limited edition art print is a cheery print. The sun shines through the water. While the shapes are juxtaposed, the colours are very balanced. The hot pink colour on the bottom right together with the organic shape above it are an equal match to the weight of the sun shape on the left. While the aim here is to obtain a balance in colour and form, the goal is to show complexity and overlapping forms but also a calmness through colour and flowing lines. Our 8 year old says, 'it's cool'. He sees a King, stars and a face. He likes it. This fine art print like all of our prints is sold as unframed. This comes in 2 large sizes to brighten up any living environment or to compliment any space for home or office. Both 70cm x 70cm and 120cm x 120cm. 'Coral Sea' can be purchased from our Printspace™ web shop.

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