Friday, April 25, 2014

Swept Away art print by Mara Girling

We battled over this art print - I'm glad we did. Nick thought that it really stood out amongst the recent paintings and ideas. Initially, the arc shapes in the foreground were differently presented and the colours were less balanced than they are now. I like that we get passionate about the art to keep in the range.  After some discussion and adjustments, 'Swept Away' by Mara Girling was the result. The elements which make it work are the combination of the pinks and the watermelon red. It's a challenging colour to mix and it's hue has to be just right to get the balance right for the artwork. Too much pink and you have essentially a pink painting. But that's not the goal here. (continued below..)

We were originally a little unsure if the solid shapes would work with the painterly background but with this experimentation I was pleasantly surprised. If you are looking for a piece of art to always grow on you, this is it. The result is great. This is our goal for a piece of art to in some way challenge us in terms of colour, shape, texture, pattern, form or context. or in any particular order. Available in 70x70cm or 120 x 120cm, This fine art print onto thick white cotton rag paper is available in our Printspace™ online shop. If you would like this art print, please order online and then we can suggest a framer to you as an option.

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