Saturday, April 26, 2014

How do you get a softer texture sorbet

Adding alcohol apparently lowers the freezing temperature of Sorbet (the frozen kind that you eat) providing a nice smooth texture. Don't ask how much alcohol. We always recommend responsible drinking when consuming desserts. I always have to look up dessert to make sure I'm not advising adding alcohol to the Australian outback. It's been done before. But I digress.

Sorbet #2 is part of a series of three fine art prints. The original paintings were created with acrylic onto canvas. These prints are vibrant, textured and highly detailed. The paper is a thick cotton-rag stock.
No alcohol was consumed during the creation of this piece. This Sorbet 2 [wall art] was created for the Printspace™ range by Mara Girling at 50cm x 50cm and is available now via the online shop - signed and numbered.

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