Friday, November 14, 2008


Start rambling now.
Ah time... that's where I was. So it's 12.30am on a friday.... yes AM. What am I doing writing on my blog? Well, you do stuff when you can and today this is the time. I am all a muddle with sorting out my day (and night.) This may have something to do with 2 little boys in my life (one is two and a half, the other four months old. how can 2 little people cause such a sensation? man, I never thought having kids would be this life changing or consuming, sure I thought I'd be busier, tired etc but I didn't expect the mental exhaustion that goes with it! Lucky they are beautiful and funny and the best thing my husband and I ever did.

So I am attempting to structure my unstructurable life. So first things first, my blogging and etsy - ing. One little article every day ( I have categories now, which means I won't struggle with coming up with things to say... there sare so many things that inspire me, and I am completely design obsessed, so why not share my love of design / product / art / homewares / interiors with everyone? my first one was PRODUCT OF THE WEEK.) and hopefully one new listing on etsy each day... hopefully....

Oh, one more thing, my little 4 month old has for the last 3 nights started sleeping in the early evenings... rather than hanging out with Mum and Dad. Thanks Archie xxx
Must go to bed.
End rambling now.

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