Wednesday, November 26, 2008

my obsession : homewares - timber!

I love homewares.... show me a cushion, a lamp a throw and I will swoon and ooh and ahh for hours. I spend afternoons dreaming of the colours I will eventually paint my house (when we build it....but that's another post for another day.) the Porter's Paints Swatch book is pure heaven.....

And even things that are just made to bring happiness such as these stunning timber treasures from Millicent & Frank.

What about this for all those mags lying around the house- Offi Magazine Stand- is a beauty !

This Oak smoke small bird by Kristian Vedel is another thing that is just lovely and would make me rather smiley if he lived in my home. You can buy them from great dane (which is my favourite shop in the whole wide world)

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