Friday, March 28, 2014

Prague - perhaps the most picturesque place

According to the artist, Prague is one of the - if not the most beautiful city in the world. 
Hardly anyone talks about it loudly, but those who have been there treasure it dearly and almost whisper that it is their favourite place in the universe. Like they are saving it up for something. 

Prague and it's stunning city of red tiled roof-tops and spires, arches, lovers and towers. There is so much that this city gives in terms of creativity. It is tempting to put everything into one a piece of art - but that would not do either the art nor the city justice. This city requires certainly more than one poster from the artist. perhaps at least 2 or three to reveal Prague whilst snowing or Prague in Autumn. It could go on and on. While I was researching this city, I discovered Prague with snow. It looked like one of those snow domes. I think that they must have invented snow domes there because it looks so perfect.

Prague is also an art print by Nicholas Girling. This large artwork was completed March 2014. Printspace™ have just launched this Prague 70 x 100cm print and a larger Prague 100 x 120cm (as pictured) fine art print edition onto white 300gsm smooth cotton-rag paper. Each size is limited to 100 Giclee prints.

Why this size of 100 x 120cm?
This is a fairly unique size which would require custom framing. I wanted to make a perfect size portrait poster. I looked at our own walls at home and at the studio and got out the trusty old tape measure. I made a few mockup sizes out of cut paper and tacked them to the wall to get a feel for size and impact. I may have stared at the blank paper for a while. And this was the result for a portrait size. I imagine a piece like this going in an adjoining dining area connected to the kitchen. Something big and expressive.

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