Saturday, December 19, 2009

so excited... my own matte art print!

i am so very excited... my Matte Stephens print arrived on Friday. This one is titled Waiting Again. I am such a fan of his work, I had great trouble trying to pick just one! Love the quirkiness and the colours, its so cool when art can make you feel great. Love it.

(Did I mention I am now buying myself a piece of art for my birthday each year - and this is the first. such a good idea!)



Andi said...

Well then, I guess it might be Happy Birthday time!!!!
Andi :-)

my poppet said...

What a great idea, Happy birthday.
Do you recommend any good framers?

Printspace said...

yes, finally i have done something i have been meaning to do for years!!!

these guys are great and so so lovely!

Creative Framing
115 Highbury Road
VIC 3125
Ph. (03) 9888 8225
Fx. (03) 9888 8226

jenny said...

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