Friday, September 25, 2009

sneak peak .... stationery coming soon

here are some snippets of some illustrations I've been working on. And now I am in the midst of transforming them into stationery! Birthday cards, note cards, letterhead, invitations, calendars, etc etc. Keep an eye out on Pinecone and Lola store for the latest in 'print me' pdf stationery, and also some pre printed stuff too. I will hopefully have them in the shop over the next few weeks. Happy weekend. xxx


Mel said...

Hi Mara - I have just found your blog after stumbling across your gorgeous prints at Mushu in Surry Hills (Sydney) yesterday afternoon and pretty much falling in love! I bought 'from little things big things grow' (among others!), because the name of my blog is 'from little things ...' and I simply couldn't resist! I wondered if it would be ok with you if I gush on about it in my blog sometime soon? Would of course include lots of links to your gorgeous site/blog.

Oh and love the new stationary prints :)

Printspace said...

Hi Mel, thank you! Would be more than happy for you to write about our prints.... will have to pop over and visit your blog too :)