Monday, September 7, 2009

new art print : spring bird and friend

Inspired by Spring time, Spring Bird and Friend mixes soft colours with simple shapes. I am currently working on a new range of Printspace Art and Stationery, which I will be adding to the store(s) and then launching the whole lot in time for our swag of art & craft markets we are doing in November! EEK... lets get busy. xx


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Love your stuff. Looking forward to it.

Spin Spin said...

I know about the freak out part - I'm not sure if I've got too much on and when/if anything will get done. Fun times! Oh, and this newbie is super sweet, love it.

Tali said...

Love your prints!
What kind of printer do you guys use (if you print these yourselves)?
I'm in the market for a good art printer.. but still deciding between buying one or sticking to using a professional.