Sunday, March 15, 2009

We did it. Our first market!

It's Sunday night and I am one tired worker bee. Today, my lovely Nick, gorgeous friend FK (not her real name, as I know she would like to rename nameless- you know who you are!!) and I held our firat market stall. Now it was a lovely little market called Mathilda's Market and was held at the Hawtorn Town Hall. We had a fantastic spot just inside the entrance and had lots of friendly people come up and say hello. We had prints in our usual A4 size and also road tested the smaller A5s which people loved. (Yay). And we also had some framed, just like our stockists have, again just to test the market.

Thank you to our lovely dear helper and super sales women, I know you saw it as a fun day off, we are so grateful for your help!
Thank you to my other lovely friend, who supplied some cute props for our stall. Your enthusiasm is inspiring to us.
Thank you to all who came to visit, we appreciate your kind words, and hope you enjoy having a little bit of Printspace in your space.

Professional market stall holder

PS. Well almost professional..... As we forgot to take photos of our stall (insane), here are some details of a couple of the bits and bobs we used, just to give you a taste.

PPS. Going to lie on my sofa, watch Rove and eat TimTams.

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