Friday, March 13, 2009

The Happiest Little One


Little A is my youngest son, is such a happy little man. He is always beaming (well not always, he is after all 8 months old) He sat in a high chair at my Mum and Dad's playing with his little plastic spoon for ages. Bash bash bash. Loving the spoon, chew chew chew.

We had a busy day yesterday, my boys and I visited a close friend and her 2 kids, they jumped on a jumping castle, just a little one (castle that is), but when you are nearly 3 that's all you need. Got caught in the rain, but it's a good thing, being in the worst drought, it's always a time of happiness when it rains. But it only lasted for a few hours, the sun was ourt again by the afternoon.

Visited my Aunt, Cousin and her little girl. Which was nice, hadn't seen them in a while. As you get older you don't get the see your extended family as much as when you are little. And even less when you have kids. Gosh time is flying by........

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