Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stockist Spotlight... Stork's Corner

How would you describe your product range?
Stylish but not designer, inspiring, unique and fun! We cater for both contemporary and classic preferences. This therefore covers off both younger generations of parents and older generations of grandparents! Our product assortment covers a broad range of categories, including Clothing, Shoes, Bed Linen, Room Decor, Toys, Gifts and Stationery. We love providing our customers with such a wide choice. Whether they are coming in for a gift, a school drink bottle, a new pair of shoes, or to completely decorate an entire room, we can help them - joy!

What do you look for when choosing products for your stores?
Quality, aesthetic appeal and price. And yes, we do try and source different and unique labels that are not found in the mainstream arena. Our customers really appreciate coming into our store and finding something different. Examples of this would be Printspace artwork, Patersonrose linen and Petit Cupcake dresses.

Having said that, we do of course stock some more well know labels, such as Oobi and Penny Scallan. These labels represent iconic Australian brands that are well known and well loved by a broader customer base. They help attract customers into our store, where they then find the 'hidden treasures' of lesser known brands! And are joyous with their discovery!

Why do you think Printspace products appeal to your clients ?
The designs are eye catching and appealing. They work well with both nursery decor and rooms for older children. Customers like being able to build their own art series and have that personal touch. The designs are classic yet on trend - birds, owls - we can't get enough of them at the moment! And the fact that it is an Australian design company is always well received.

Stork's Corner
Shop 11, 47 McCoy St Myaree WA 6154
Telephone (08) 6161 9123

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lauren carney said...

oh dolly,
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thanks for sharing!
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