Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009

Boy, where did Christmas go? Can you believe it' s already 2009?
So, a new year and lots to do. I already have lists upon lists. You know how by the end of one year you are just putting stuff off until the new year? And then all of a sudden the new year hits and you have no excuses.... well yes that's where I am.
So what to do this year?
Business wise - lots.
Here are 3 things I am planning for this little business called Printspace. (as a start to getting this thing happening!)
1. Create more art.... make the time .... enjoy it
2. Set up a proper Flickr thingy, I have one but it's a lazy persons version. I need a new shiny, version. This will force me to improve my photography. Something I am busting to do since getting our spunky digital camera a year ago..... I am embaressed to say that I studied Photography for 2 years..... many years ago, but still.
3. Start my career as a market stall holder.... yes, yes, the year of taking stuff seriously. We are doing our first market in March, it's called Mathildas Market, and it will be held in Melbourne. More on that later!!!

I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas and New Year. Keep an eye out for my little giveaway coming up and also a super January sale.......ohhh ahhh....

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