Thursday, May 22, 2014

New York ll with a peachy sky

This is the second limited edition print of New York by Printspace. A fine art print limited to 100 per the 2 sizes.

I have gone for softer colours in this piece and a new focus on the Empire State Building. Looking south down Manhattan Island towards Freedom Tower.

The sky is a peachy colour and I have the lights turned on, on top of the tower. The people toil away in their offices as the lights flicker on for the evening.

The city has a rich history of many styles and probably most famous for Art Deco - which is why the typography solution is in this same style. The typography matches the blocky style of artwork. The blocks of colour are being used like large paint strokes to build an impressionistic feel combined with a mid century modernist approach. There are also influences of cubism even though the artwork is still quite figurative. 

Essentially, this piece is about the impressive scale of The Empire State Building and it's surrounds having more depth than the first new york print. While both prints (See Printspace™ website ) focus on buildings, this piece has more depth than the first. Nicholas wanted both pieces to be different to each other but still compliment. Hope you enjoy the colour interplay.

On a thick cotton rag paper. Unframed prints available in 2 sizes. 70 x 100 and 100 x 120cm.

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Art Print by Nicholas Girling.

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