Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For the fathers

The Birth of our child.

"When you were born, it was like a life flashed before my eyes. Perhaps it was my own.

It must have been a cold awakening and a very different feeling. Like relaxing in a hot tub and then being picked up and 'plonked' onto the north pole. 

But soon we had a warm towel and you had lots of attention from the nurses to make sure you were breathing and everything was in its place. A snip of the cord and then our first cuddle with your mum and me. So small, so loved, such a beautiful feeling anticipated and delivered. 

The nurses weighed you as they had done a million times to a million other babies, but then I cradled you and cleaned you and forgot about everything and everybody else. It was just you and me and so much pride and more pride. I knew that everything would never be the same and I looked forward to all the different emotions to come. And there you were. I learned that your brand new mother was doing just fine, but it took a while to find out.

My own parents were downstairs, and my wife's parents. They had been waiting anxiously for news. I was able to see that your mother was doing well and I could leave you by her side to go and tell every body that all was well. Thank goodness.

It was then down the elevator with some precious information. It seemed to take forever to go down two floors. And then to the nervous parents. Worried about why it had taken so long and was my wife OK. What relief and what a familiar joy they all shared when they learned of your arival and your new mums recovery. 

And then you belonged to the world. But for that moment when I cradled you, you were mine and I was yours and I'll never forget that feeling of calm and joy and love"

Love Dad.

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