Friday, January 7, 2011

New project... lounge room

So now that our renovation is on hold for a while, I have turned my attention to revamping our lounge room. Tired old leather sofa just doesn't cut it any longer, and rather than wait until after the reno which has no start date, why not pretty up the inside? So, I am going to decorate one piece at a time, with the first being a new sofa. It is the centre piece after all. (and a little obsession if mine). Now, yes I would love one of these from Great Dane Furniture but we are doing this on a budget.... so I am thinking vintage sofa instead. A bit worn, but well loved. I am hunting one down as we speak!

Pics from Great Dane: Top is Hans Wegner Oak Daybed, Bottom image is The Plank Sofa


simple things said...

ooh you should check out Grandfather's Axe. They just received a new shipment of mid century furniture from Denmark and they are having a preview night in Northcote next Wednesday where you can check out what they got in.

Printspace said...

thanks! yes, i know about that too. I have been patiently waiting for theit shipment to arrive. I will be there Wednesday. Very excited. x