Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stockist Spotlight: Saltmarsh

How would you describe your product range?  
Our product range is a little bit crafty, a little bit design, a little bit colourful and super unique and original.

What do you look for when choosing products for your stores?
All our products must be made by hand, by Australian makers (we made one exception to this rule for one maker from New Zealand), unique, stylish, fun and not found any where else in Victoria's south west. We are passionate about celebrating the handmade object, telling how things are made and encouraging the maker.

Why do you think Printspace products appeal to your clients? 
Our customers love the bright colours, the whimsical characters, the fresh design and the honesty of what Mara and Nicholas are expressing.

Saltmarsh...Artful Living
49 MacDonald St Warrnambool 3280
03 55617 727

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