Monday, July 19, 2010

Our studio and some penguins...

That orange is so bright! I am loving Nick's prints in the rather large size..... I do love the penguins but the other super large print in our studio is my fav.... title... Large Animal. Is it a horse or is it a dog or is it something else that I haven't even thought of. Who can tell. Nick won't confirm either which way. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it always makes my day when I see it.


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

It looks like a gorgeous space. Do you always work so perfectly together - LOL! I shouldn't be so cheeky, it just looks perfect! BTW my friend in the UK LOVED her owl and the pussy cat print and knew it was a wedding reminder as soon as she opened it. It was so perfect for her. Thank you! Lou.

Printspace said...

Happy to hear your friend loved her print!!!
You should have seen us a minute before the shot was taken... a whole different story! he he.

See you soon x