Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010! welcome to my first new print...

so hello new year. is it going to be a good one? heck yes. why? don't know, just feeling it,  and I have started this year with a new found optimism (still exhausted and recovering from Christmas etc etc) but feeling fine.
I have can't begin to tell you how much fun Christmas time is with little kids, they just make it so exciting and brilliant. love my boys.
And now onto new things, a new print, yes day 3 and already a new piece of art. you must think I am mad keen or something. Well, not really, this little treasure was created just before Christmas, inspired by the lovely Pru and Clare (gift for Clare, idea by Pru!). And now Clare the Peacock, is print no 1 for 2010.
Will be on sale in the shop soon.

M xx


charlotteandausten said...

Hi Mara,

Love your peacock! Wonderful start to the new year!

Printspace said...

Thanks! Hopefully I will have some more to put up soon.
Hope you had a great Christmas xx

Art by Wiley said...

We love your blog so we're passing on this little award:

Anna said...

I love the peacock! I'm redoing my sewing space/playroom and can't wait to incorporate some of your prints!! I love your style